July 19, 2024
Ways To Get Healthy Lifestyle

With the pandemic going one followed by quarantines, work from home, online classes and so on, it is understandably difficult for people like us to have a healthy lifestyle be it physical health or mental health. Although there may be some people thriving and doing their best to be healthy, for most of the people it is difficult to even get out of bed and watching all those ideal healthy Youtubers having a consistent and tough workout sessions with such unbelievable diets is definitely not helping at all. So here are some of my personal realistic tips into having a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Going for Walks– People don’t realize this but going for walks during mornings or evenings can actually make your life a lot better and this not an exaggeration; after having a nice long walk you actually start to feel better about yourself because
  • You sweat a lot and you burn a lot of Calories
  • You also allow your mind to reflect on things and it is all together very therapeutic processes so do give it a try.

 Get Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Doing your Chores– This one might be hard for me to convince but hear me out! You can actually burn a lot of calories by just doing your chores or running errands. Take sweeping the floor for example, I can guarantee that this can help you burn off that extra calorie and you’re also making your parents happy so basically killing two birds with one stone.
  2. Having a Balanced diet– I have noticed that people these days fear Carbs so much. Like Carbs are not your enemy! People these days only eat carbs when they feel like they earned it which is really sad. A true healthy meal must consist of a balanced diet. That means carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and protein.
  3. Avoid Smoking and Drinking– This might be very difficult for some but avoiding these habits can actually prevent future illness from coming and it is also said to slow down the ageing process. For that we can take Jennifer Lopez as an example; she looks stunning for her age now because of this.

Apart from Physical health, mental health is also equally as important and you can take care of it by reading more, listening to music and limiting yourself from using too much of Social media. This is how one truly gets a healthy lifestyle.