May 19, 2024
siemens control valves

Have you ever wondered what happens if the water flow is not regulated? Well, if not, below is a list of consequences of the same. That being said, you can check out butterfly valves to fix the issue.

  • Leaking pipes
  • Damaged appliances
  • High water bill
  • Running toilet

Leaking pipes: Water flowing with high pressure creates unnecessary strain on the plumbing system. Such strain will result in the creation of pinhole leaks or loosened joints in the pipes. Unaddressed issues of pipes can pave way for water damage and mould growth in the environment. Most of the leaks occur on floors, ceilings, or behind walls. This means hidden locations are prone to rots or emission of bad smell in the surroundings until the concerns are attended to.

Damaged appliances: A dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater can be badly affected by over-the-top water pressure. The funny thing is the warranty provided to you can be cancelled if the cause of the damage is water flow of high pressure. One tip would be to search for leakage and hear loud noises generated by the appliances. In short, these indicators are a hint that mechanical parts or seals of the devices are affected by water flow.

High water bill: It is always best to keep a record of water bills to identify sudden hikes in the bills. A sure-shot sign that you could possibly have pipeline issues is that your utility bill would be higher than your neighbours whose house is bigger than yours. The answer is simple; you are unintentionally using more water due to leaks in the house. You not only waste water but also money.

Running toilet: A sign that you have a spoilt fill valve is that your toilet flushes on its own or has running water. The fill valve could have worn out quickly due to a problem caused by water pressure. The end result of advanced wear and tear is a constant flow of water into the bowl from the tank.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that unregulated water flow or high-pressure water supply in the pipes can cause leakage, damage appliances, increase utility bills and promote running toilets. This is why it is essential to purchase and install appropriate tools in the pipelines to control water pressure and prevent damage to save money, water, and time. That being said, it is best to contact a professional for appropriate identification and treatment of problems linked to water pressure.